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The Hartford Hospital Family Health Center was designed and built to achieve LEED-silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, the first for Hartford Hospital. The sustainable characteristics of this project include salvaged, recycled, regional and FSC building materials, low VOC paints, adhesives and flooring, a highly insulated building envelope and energy efficient mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

Community Connectivity-adjacent to residential zone, basic services and pedestrian access to the site
Alternate Transportation Options-Bike racks and preferred parking for fuel efficient vehicles
Maximization of open space and storm management control plan
Landscaping incorporated the use of native plants and non-irrigation needs
Existing concrete was salvaged and reused as fill on-site

A well-insulated building envelope
Reflective exterior roof to deter heat island effect
Overall building energy efficiency
Commissioning of building systems-heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing equipment
Water conserving plumbing fixtures
Zero use of CFC’s
Alternate energy supplied building

Exceeded 75% of recycled building material waste
20% of building materials are of recycled content and regionally manufactured (local)
50% of all wood materials are FSC

Project Type: Design Build
A/E: MBH Architecture -  www.mbharchitecture.com
  LRC Group - www.lrcconsult.com
  BVH Integrated Services - www.BVHis.com
  Michael Horton Associates, Inc. - www.mha-eng.com
Category: Healthcare/MOB - New Construction
LEED: Certification Goal of LEED Silver

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