Theme Parks

O,R&L provides comprehensive sustainable cleaning services for theme parks.  O,R&L's successful sustainable green cleaning program is widely recognized. O,R&L utilizes Green Seal cleaning chemicals wherever possible, low impact cleaning equipment including HEPA filter vacuums, robotics where appropriate, micro-fiber color-coded reusable mop heads and no chemical strippers. We provide comprehensive classroom and field training which includes product usage, cleaning methods, equipment maintenance, OSHA safety, blood borne pathogen procedures, hazardous material handling and communication and cross contamination prevention.

Providing quality services for heavily used facilities is a demanding business. They must be clean and looking brand new every single day for the visiting public.  Studies show that cleaning crews are the most likely employees to be approached by a customer and O,R&L's crews are always professional and easily recognizable in uniform and ID.  Our staff is trained to be knowledgeable about the properties in which they work in order to provide directions or handle requests or questions from park quests.