Medical Buildings

Property Management services for Medical Facilities require the successful management of on-site staff, control of work schedules and overtime, and diligent management of subcontracted services, energy management systems, and tenant relations in order to protect the assets of a property and to deliver cost savings wherever possible.

O,R&L is unique in the fact that not only can we manage your property from a mechanical systems and financial point of view, but we also understand and are knowledgeable about the critical control of pathogens and proper cleaning techniques required in at-risk facilities such as blood labs and hospital environments.

O,R&L's Property Manager can serve as a valuable single source contract for a medical entities Contract Administrator and is responsible for the following:

  • Supervision of all activities of the on-site employees
  • Responsible for the management of all maintenance and facility related activities
  • Direct responsibility for competitively bidding contracted services
  • Monitoring of all contracted services provided on the premises
  • Making decisions that are in the best interests of the entity and its properties
  • Responsible for all facility-related activities at the properties